Emailmanager API

Use emailmanager API to connect to your favorite web application!
The emailmanager API allows you to synchronize your database and give you better control over your campaign management.


Be one of our customers and start using the emailmanager API to create blog plugins, shopping carts, e-commerce, CMS and more. With the emailmanager API you can synchronize with our system: your database, CRM, CMS or e-commerce shopping cart.


Once you have synchronized your database, you will not need to constantly import/export your updated contact list to and from our emailmanager platform. Your contact list will be synchronized automatically. But it is not all!

See below for more details:

  • Web designers can create private areas on their pages (client portals), so their clients can log into the website and download campaign reports.
  • You can add a "Subscribe to Newsletter" option to your e-commerce checkout page.
  • You can send history data directly to the emailmanager system. You also can segment your contacts and send targeted campaigns.
  • Publishers can synchronize "active clients" data with emailmanager, so that only "active" customers receive their emails.

Basic Details:

Our recently launched and improved API allows you to manage your campaigns and obtain important statistics for the future planning. You can connect to the API using XML-RPC, HTTP POST or HTTP GET. Then you can get the data back out in PHP serialization strings, JSON, XML, or plain ol' XML-RPC. These options ensure the connection flexibility, so you can connect to our system however you like and retrieve data back in a format that suits you.

There are three API functions:

  • List Management functions;
  • Campaign creation and sending functions;
  • Campaign statistics function.
List management:

With the list management functions you can subscribe contacts to any contact list from your database. You can also unsubscribe contacts or update their profiles from your own server. There are many more things you are able to do, such as: download data from your lists (with the number of customers you have in your database, or the number of emails that have been removed from your list).

Campaign creation and sending:

These functions allow you to have more flexibility and control over your email marketing campaigns. By using them you can create, update, reuse and send your campaigns whenever you want.

Campaign statistics:

With this function you can withdraw your campaign statistics (views, clicks, etc.). But it is not everything. You can also delete the unsubscribed contacts, and update your internal database.

How to start:

The emailmanager API is available in three formats (XML-RPC, JSON and PHP) and it is also free of charge. Find the documentation below.

I do not understand programming?

The API requires an advanced knowledge of programming. Therefore we recommend that you use our emailmanager API only if you have completed the necessary training or know a programmer who is able to implement our solutions for you.